2012 Canola Trends for Manitoba

Manitoba seeded canola was a record in 2012 with 3.6 million acres.  Out of those acres, the top 10 varieties took up 78% of the acres.

From 2012 Seeded Acreage Reports submitted by farmers to MASC, 98% of the canola seeded was a hybrid, which is up from 94% in 2011. Farmers also planted more canola varieties with specialty oil characteristics  (high stability low linolenic acid), increasing from 7.2% (in 2011) to 12.8%  in 2012.  

Of the acres reported, Manitoba farmers seeded 62.9% to Liberty tolerant canola, 30.8% Roundup tolerant and 6.1% Clearfield tolerant canola.

Variety %Acres
INVIGOR L150 (LT) 24.8%
5440 (LT) 16.9%
INVIGOR L130 (LT) 12.1%
1012RR (RT)   6.8%
2012CL (ST)   3.5%
73-75 RR (RT)   3.5%
45H29 (RT)   3.0%
VT500 (RT)   2.6%
5770 (LT)   2.5%
73-45RR (RT)   2.1%

 Source: MASC –  2012 Variety Market Share Report

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