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What we’re about

Crop Chatter is forum where farmers and public and private agronomists can share the latest information on crop management in Manitoba. What diseases and pests are you seeing? Any you can’t identify? Send a photo or a description. Or just let us know how your crop is doing, or send photos of unusual developments or weather events. Your reports and questions will help the community of farmers across the province identify the emerging management issues throughout the growing season.

Why it is useful for you to submit updates, questions and photos

When you submit a photo, question or update, it will be sent to our network of experts. They look at all the info that’s coming in and try to determine what is the most relevant and useful information to push back out.

Our goal is to keep the level of quality and timeliness on the site as high as possible so that when you visit you get the most current and useful information out there for crop management in Manitoba.

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Some examples of how to use this site

  • Receive updates when new information is posted that relates to your farm. You’ll get emails whenever topics of your choosing are mentioned.
  • You see something you’re not familiar with in your crop, so you take a photo of it and it is identified by Crop Chatter’s team of experts. Not only that, but it is then broadcasted (anonymously) to the Crop Chatter stream, so other farmers in your community can learn from your photo.
  • You notice a question that has been posted that pertains to your situation, so you give your reply. Other farmers in the community notice and reply, a discussion ensues and we all become better farmers.

Who put this together

Crop Chatter is a Farm Business Communications website.
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