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Sending photos

We welcome photos of interest, whether it’s an insect or weed you can’t identify, unusual crop symptoms, or just photos of interest such as unusual weather events. To share a photo, just click the “Submit a photo” link at the top or bottom of the page. You will get a simple form to fill out where you can attach your photo and give it a title and caption. It currently does not work on mobile devices, but we’re working on it.

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Sending questions

Send your question if you have a crop-related problem and you need some help. In some cases, we will reply to you directly with the best info we can dig up from our team of experts. In other cases, your question will be useful to the whole Manitoba farming community, so we will post the response publicly to the Crop Chatter stream. Of course, all questions will remain anonymous on the public site.

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Sending updates

We hope that you’ll periodically send us updates on how your growing season is going. Beyond that, please submit any information you’ve found useful in your business, or any tips you’ve come across you think might be valuable. We won’t post everything that comes in, but we will do our best to post information, or at the very least respond to you directly, in a timely manner.

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