Before You Broadcast Seed Your Canola….

Broadcast seeding canola may be an option you are seriously considering.  Before you do, please make sure you can answer these questions and can implement them in your plan to make sure your crop is viable.

  • Ground-rig or aerial – who are you going to get to seed and have you made sure the equipment is calibrated? Don’t skimp on seed.
  • Can YOU get across the field –  it may be wet, but those seeds still need some soil to seed contact, leaving them on top of the soil does not work. The canola seeds at least, need a light harrowing to get the soil on them and protect them.
  • How are you going to fertilize – if your fertilizer is not on, you need to plan this as well.  Again incorporation is needed, especially for nitrogen to make it is there for you crop to use.
  • Weed control – chances are the weeds are plentiful and a good size.  It may be easier to control before seeding than after. How is this going to happen?
  • Insurance – MASC will cover broadcast seeding of canola both by ground and aerial, but minimum plant stands are needed.  At 5 plants/ft2.  Let MASC know what has been done so the field can be assessed.


Submitted by Anastasia Kubinec, MAFRD Oilseed Crop Specialist.


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