Crop Report #14 – July 31, 2017

Winter wheat, fall rye and grass seed harvest has begun. Many regions are still below normal precipitation, whereas heat accumulation is near normal. The majority of spring cereals are in the grain-filling stage. Haying continues, hayland and pastures are showing signs of moisture stress in dry regions. For more information see

Insect & Disease Update – July 13, 2017

Thistle caterpillar webbing continues to be quite noticeable in some soybean fields and aphids at high levels in cereals in the Central region. The has been new  reports of stripe rust across Manitoba, with high severity showing up in fields/plots that did not receive a fungicide application. If the crop is past the flowering stage, a fungicide application is likely not warranted. For more information:
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Crop Report #11 – July 12, 2017

Warm temperatures were experienced throughout the province, resulting in rapid crop growth. Precipitation is still needed in some Southwest and Central areas to support crop growth and yield.  Fungicide applications are on-going in cereals and canola. For the full report see

Insect & Disease Update – June 21, 2017

High levels of alfalfa weevil have been reported in the Interlake, Southwest, and Northwest. There are some lingering cutworm issues in the northwest, although populations of cutworm in many locations are turning to pupae. Stripe rust has been detected in more locations around Manitoba.  Levels have been low overall and are not a major concern at this time. For the full report:
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Manitoba Crop Report #7 – June 19, 2017

All regions reported rainfall, ranging from 15 to 55mm. Most regions crops and pastures benefited from the rain. With cooler temperatures in the past week, crop growth and development have slowed. Herbicide applications continue as weather conditions allow and fungicide applications are starting in winter and spring wheat for management of fusarium and leaf diseases. For the detailed report see:

Insect & Disease Update – June 15, 2017

Recent hail events have left producers wondering whether or not they should be using a fungicide at the herbicide timing.  Flea beetles in canola, and cutworms continue to be the main insects of concern.  Alfalfa weevil larvae are noticeable in some alfalfa fields. For more information:

Manitoba Insect & Disease Update: Issue 3, June 7 2017

Flea beetles in canola, and cutworms continue to be the main insects of concern. Hatch of the potential pest species of grasshoppers has started, but so far levels are quite low. FHB Risk Maps available as of this week. Flea beetles in canola, and cutworms continue to be the main insects of concern. Hatch of the potential pest species of grasshoppers has started, but so far levels are quite low. For more information, please visit:

Manitoba Insect & Disease Update: Issue 3 – June 7, 2017

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Addendum to 2017 Guide to Crop Protection

Some corrections and additions are available for the 2017 Guide to Crop Protection

NOTE: This publication is only a guide. Always refer to the product label for application details and precautions. If information in this publication conflicts with the label use label directions.


Fusarium Head Blight Risk Maps – Now Available for 2017

Winter wheat in Manitoba is nearing or at the heading stage, so it’s time again for the MB Ag FHB Risk Maps.

The first FHB Risk Map of the season was posted June 7, 2017 posted on the Manitoba Agriculture website:

The maps shows the current risk of FHB based on the last 7 days of temperature and precipitation data gathered from the provincial weather stations. Beginning June 15th (after 7 maps have been created), there will also be an animated map showing how risk has varied over the last week.

The optimal fungicide timing for suppression of FHB is at early anthesis. These maps serve as a guide, but it is important to scout individual fields as local conditions can vary greatly and infection depends on the crop being at the susceptible stage (flowering).

Maps will be updated daily (Monday to Friday) from now until the end of the flowering period for spring wheat in the province. Please check the website for updated maps as there will not be daily email reminders.



Manitoba Crop Report #5 – June 5, 2017

Hot dry weather dominated the past week, with limited precipitation. Strong winds causing soil drifting in fields with limited ground cover. Seeding is 95% complete, with exception of The Pas region which is delayed from earlier heavy rains. Crops planted are advancing, with herbicide applications starting. Flea beetle feeding has been seen in canola. Haying is starting this week. For more information visit