Clubroot Distribution Map (2009-2014)


Map shows positive clubroot findings by Rural Municipality, discovered through laboratory testing for presence of clubroot spores in soil and/or positive confirmation of clubroot symptomatic plants.  Testing was done from 2009-2014 and is still considered limited.  Positive findings have been at low spore concentrations and sporadic throughout the province. As more fields are sampled, the map will be updated.

As less than 5% of farms in Manitoba have been tested, it is recommended that all fields be tested to determine if clubroot spores are present, regardless of RM classification. To date, clubroot has been confirmed in 48 Manitoba fields.
Clubroot is a soil-borne pest that can move from field to field on both agricultural and non-agricultural equipment. Specific biosecurity activities to minimize the spread of clubroot will differ by the known levels of clubroot DNA found within the field.  MAFRD has a series of suggestions for all industries operating on agricultural land to minimize the potential of spread on the Crop Biosecurity page.

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