Fusarium Head Blight Risk Maps – Now Available for 2017

Winter wheat in Manitoba is nearing or at the heading stage, so it’s time again for the MB Ag FHB Risk Maps.

The first FHB Risk Map of the season was posted June 7, 2017 posted on the Manitoba Agriculture website: http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/crops/seasonal-reports/fusarium-head-blight-report.html.

The maps shows the current risk of FHB based on the last 7 days of temperature and precipitation data gathered from the provincial weather stations. Beginning June 15th (after 7 maps have been created), there will also be an animated map showing how risk has varied over the last week.

The optimal fungicide timing for suppression of FHB is at early anthesis. These maps serve as a guide, but it is important to scout individual fields as local conditions can vary greatly and infection depends on the crop being at the susceptible stage (flowering).

Maps will be updated daily (Monday to Friday) from now until the end of the flowering period for spring wheat in the province. Please check the website for updated maps as there will not be daily email reminders.



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