How Longer Can Winter Wheat Survive under Flooded Conditions?

Flooding tolerance of crops is impacted by a lot of things, but the main ones are: crop type, length of time under water and the temperature.

A couple of things that winter wheat has going for it is that is may not have yet broke dormancy when the water arrived and with relatively cool soil temperatures and cold water, things slow down for biological activities.  One report from North Dakota indicates that winter wheat could withstand flooded conditions for up to 3 weeks, but source is anecdotal

With all water-logged crops, once water has receded, inspect the crown to see if there are any signs of life. As weather warms and if soils remain saturated, there is still risk of oxygen deprivation in the plants and potential for seedling death.


General information on crop tolerance to flooding:

Impact of Flooding on Soil Fertility in Red River Valley:

Forage Stands – Assessing Flooding Injury:


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