Is it too late for a rain on my soybeans? How will the dry conditions affect my yield?


It will depend on the stage of your beans. There has been some flower and pod abortion already with the hot dry conditions. A critical time for rainfall on soybeans is at the R4 growth stage. This is where at least one pod of the four upmost nodes is at least ¾ of an inch long. Once the plant gets past the mid R5 where the seed is 1/8 of inch long in the pod at one of the four uppermost nodes, you do not see as much of a benefit on yield as you would if the rain came sooner. With the dry summer of 2011 we saw an average Manitoba yield of 27 bushels per acre. In the driest regions of the province the soybean yields were down to 15 to 20 bushels an acre.

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