Manitoba Barley Acres & Top Varieties in 2016


In 2016, there was approximately 352,000 acres of commercial barley seeded in Manitoba, as reported by producers for AgriInsurance purposes (acres do not include pedigree or organic production), down from 383,500 acres in 2015.

The variety CDC Austenson, at 21.8% of Manitoba’s commercial barley acreage, was the most popular variety grown in Manitoba in 2016.  It was the second most popular variety in 2015 (16.6%). CDC Austenson is a 2-row feed type that was registered in 2008. It was developed by the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, with SeCan being the distributor.

CONLON, a 2-row feed type, is in second spot in 2016 at 19.5%; CONLON had been the most popular variety based on market share since 2004 in Manitoba and was grown on 24.4% of commercial barley acres in 2015. In third spot is Celebration at 9.3%, a 6-row malting variety. Fourth and fifth place are AAC Synergy at 9.1% and AC Metcalfe (2 row-malting) at 7.3%.  AAC Synergy is a newer 2-row malting variety developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Brandon Research & Development Centre and distributed by Syngenta Seeds Canada Ltd. It is shorter-statured variety with good straw strength and good disease package. The top five varieties were grown on 67% of barley acres in Manitoba.

Rounding out the top ten are the varieties Newdale (2-row, malting), CDC Copeland (2-row, malting), Tradition (6-row, malting), Champion (2-row, feed), and Bentley (2-row, malting).  The top 10 varieties together were grown on 91.3% of barley acres in Manitoba. The remaining 8.7% of acres were seeded to 32 other barley varieties.

In 2016, acreage devoted to the feed/food, malting and hulless categories were 49.9%, 50.1% and 0.04%, respectively. By comparison, in 2015 52.5% of acres were grown to feed/food varieties, 47.3% to malting varieties, and 0.2% to hulless varieties.

When looking at the feed/food category in 2016, majority of acres were seeded to 2-row varieties (98.5%) compared to 6-row varieties (1.5%). This trend is consistent from 2015 where 97.1% of acres were grown to 2-row and 2.9% to 6-row varieties.

In the malting barley category in 2016, 66.5% of acres were seeded to 2-row varieties (59.8% in 2015) compared to 33.5% to 6-row varieties (40.2% in 2015).

Overall in Manitoba, 2-row barley varieties were grown on 82.4% of acres in 2016 (compared to 79.5% in 2015), with the remaining 17.6% grown to 6-row varieties (20.5% in 2015).

Submitted by:  Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture


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