Manitoba Insect & Disease Update – Issue 3: June 1, 2016

The Manitoba Insect and Disease Update for June 1, 2016 is now posted at:


Insects: Cutworms and flea beetles on canola continue to be the insects of greatest concern. The cool, damp weather from the last few days would have slowed cutworm feeding, and the soil moisture, where not excessive, may help the plants compensate for feeding. Cutworm levels are quite variable, hard to find in some fields, more noticeable in others. So scout for potential cutworm feeding on emerging plants and dig for the larvae if you find an area that is showing signs of cutworm feeding. Precautionary insecticide applications, if cutworm levels are not economical, is not encouraged because of the potential damage to beneficial invertebrates.

Plant Pathogens: Rain has not only provided enough moisture for crops, but also for pathogens causing various crop diseases. Look for early signs and symptoms of diseases in crops. Scout! Scout! Scout!

Submitted by: John Gavloski, Entomologist & Pratisara Bajracharya, Field Crop Pathologist, Manitoba Agriculture

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