Manitoba Insect & Disease Update


  • Insect and disease activity continues to be low on crops in Manitoba.
  • The cool temperature has slowed the emergence of many insects.
  • There is no evidence to date of any major movement of insects that get blown into Manitoba form the southern U.S., such as diamondback moth and aster leafhopper.

The update provides information on the following topics:

Grasshoppers: When will emergence likely start? Degree day models can be used to forecast anticipated dates of emergence for these pest species. Based on such models it will likely be early-June before we see a start to the emergence of these species of grasshoppers in most areas.

Recent Rain and Grasshoppers? The recent rains will likely do very little to negatively impact the survival of our pest species of grasshoppers.

Insect Monitoring Programs.  Updates on diamondback moth, wireworms & cutworms.

The complete Manitoba Insect and Disease Update for May 21, 2014 with additional information on the above topics has been posted at:

Submitted by:  John Gavloski, Entomologist & Vikram Bisht, Plant Pathologist, MAFRD


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