Manitoba Insect & Disease Update – Week of June 2 to 6, 2014

A Manitoba Insect and Disease Update for the week of June 2-6, 2014 has been posted at:

Highlights Include:

  • When does the canola become more resistant to flea beetles?
  • Estimating % defoliation. Estimating % defoliation can be tricky, as our eyes are drawn to the damage and it is easy to overestimate  how much feeding has occurred. Having a photo key as a guide can be useful for learning to assess defoliation levels.
  • Cutworm Feeding.  High levels of feeding by cutworms has been noted in sunflowers in the Carman and Sanford areas, and in corn in the Starbuck area.
  • Insecticide application tips for cutworms.
  • Insect Monitoring Programs: 
    • Diamondback moth: Diamondback moth counts have increased in some locations in eastern Manitoba and the Swan River Valley.
    • Bertha armyworm: The map provided in the report indicates at what stage the pupae of the bertha armyworm are in their development. Currently, some may have accumulated enough heat to be about 60-75% through their pupal development.

Submitted by:  John Gavloski, Entomologist & Vikram Bisht, Field Crops Pathologist, MAFRD

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