MRLs and Cereal Crops

In my position on a daily basis, I speak with many industry people (both public & private) regarding cereal crop production.  Often issues facing Manitoba producers are issues facing producers to the east, west and south of us.

One such instance is Mitchell Japp, the Provincial Cereal Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, who recently wrote an article on Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) – what they are, why producers should be aware of MRLs, and included examples such as glyphosate and chlormequat chloride.  It appeared in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture’s Crop Production News – June 2, 2016 edition.  The complete article is available here: Maximum residue limits in cereals – customer expectations.

It is an excellent article and I would encourage Crop Chatter subscribers to click on the link and read Mitchell’s article!

Submitted by:  Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture

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