Plan Ahead to Reduce Head Rot in Sunflowers

Prepared by Anastasia Kubinec, MAFRI Oilseed Crop Specialist

Sclerotinia Head Rot in sunflowers costs growers money.  It will reduce yields due to small and diseased seeds as well as seeds falling on the ground before the combine can pick them up.  It also reduces the quality of the saleable product leading to price reductions at the delivery point.

Fungicides are registered for the suppression of Head Rot in sunflowers just like products are available for suppressing sclerotinia in canola.

Application timing is R5.1 with a second application 7 to 14 days after the first application if environmental conditions and pressure remains high.  

See in pictures sunflower stages at:

With the weather lately being more conducive to the development of sclerotinia, you may want to speak with your retail the availability of a fungicide for your cropping needs.  The fungicide products that are registered for use in sunflower to control Sclerotinia Head Rot are the same ones registered for use in canola, pulses and other crops.

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