Safe Liquid Fertilizer Rates for Corn

Much of Manitoba’s corn receives liquid phosphorus as a starter in the seedrow.  But we cannot apply sufficient amounts with the seed to meet full crop removal (about 44 lb P2O5/ac for a 100 bu/ac crop).  The safe amount of seed placed fertilizer depends upon soil type, moisture, row spacing and seed furrow opening.  Ontario guidelines base the safe rates of fertilizer on N and K content of the starter fertilizer.  For 30 inch rows no more than 10 lb N/ac should be seedplaced – enough to provide 34 lb P2O5/ac of 10-34-0 liquid fertilizer or 8.5 US gal per acre.  But based on South Dakota  studies such rates could cause stand thinning of 4-9% depending on soil moisture and texture. Most farmers will not be pushing starter rates this high as they should have the bulk of their P needs met through a safer placement strategy.

More on these safe rates of fertilizer is posted on Manitoba Agriculture’s website at:,safe-rates-of-seed-placed-phosphorus-for-manitoba–narrow-row-and-row-crops.html

Submitted by: John Heard, Crop Nutrition Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture


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