Summary of Insects on Crops in Manitoba in 2014

A “Summary of Insects on Crops in Manitoba in 2014” is posted on the MAFRD insect page at the link below.

The report is based partially on observation by myself and my summer assistant. A large part of this information, however, is based on observations and reports from farm production advisors, agronomists, farmers, and others who contributed information over the season. This information was helpful in providing timely updates on where and when insects were of concern throughout the season, and it is a compilation of this data that makes up this summary. Thank you very much to those who contributed information over the growing season.

Note also that the information in the summary is what has been observed personally or reported, and may not be complete in many instances. Although we encourage the reporting of information on insect populations and control to make our weekly updates as complete and useful as possible, some areas of high insect populations and areas where control took place may not have been reported.

Submitted by:  John Gavloski, Entomologist, MAFRD

For more information on identification and monitoring of potentially damaging and beneficial insects in crops grown in Manitoba, and information on various types of control methods, please visit MAFRD’s website at

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