Minimum Air Temperatures – September 13/14, 2016

From Manitoba Agriculture’s AgWeather Program, a map showing minimum air temperatures reached September 13/14:


In addition, the Crop Weather Report is a weekly summary of temperature (max., min., avg) and total rainfall along with seasonal accumulations of degree days, corn heat units and rainfall (actuals and % of normal) are provided for about 50 locations in the five regions.

Following are links to weather maps in pdf format for the time period of May 1st to September 11th:

The above maps will be updated every Monday during the growing season. They are available on the Manitoba Agriculture weather web site at http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/weather/index.html .

For more information or to subscribe to the weekly Crop and Weather reports send your request to [email protected].

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MAFRD Rain Watch Site

A feature of MAFRD’s Ag-Weather Program is the Rain Watch site (http://tgs.gov.mb.ca/climate/DisplayImage.aspx?StationID=RainWatch) which shows accumulation of rainfall in different time periods.   It is updated daily.

Of course each individual weather station may not capture exactly happened in your neck of the woods due to the inherent variability of weather events, i.e. thundershowers.

More information on the Manitoba Ag-Weather Program can be found at http://tgs.gov.mb.ca/climate/Default.aspx

Submitted by: Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, MAFRD

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Updated Soil Temperatures in Winter Wheat Fields 2014/15

Soil temperatures in four winter wheat fields were measured throughout the 2014/15 winter. Plotting soil temperatures against various ‘hardiness” curves can provide an early indication if there is a concern for winter injury or winterkill.  I had posted initial data (up to beginning of March – http://cropchatter.com/early-indicators-for-wheat-survival-in-2015/), and presented that data at the Winter Cereals Manitoba AGM middle of March.

However, the figure is now updated to include data up until middle of April when the weather stations were removed from the fields.

Figure 1: 2014/15 Soil Temperatures Measured at 1 Inch Depth in Four Winter Wheat Fields

2014 15 Soil Temperatures

 Data Source:  MAFRD AgWeather Program

Since majority of winter wheat acres are considered “well-hardened” and soil temperatures didn’t reach levels that went below the “high hardiness’ curve, winterkill isn’t expected to be a large concern based solely on soil temperatures measured in these fields over the winter.  However, since soil temperatures at one location did dip below the “mid hardiness’ curve, or at some locations got close to that curve, some areas within fields may be impacted where there was perhaps minimal snow cover due to lack of stubble, etc.  Each field should still be scouted and assessed as growth resumes in earnest over the next few weeks.

Note: You will notice the hardening curves end beginning of April as I don’t have data to continue the curve to May 1st.  However, imagine a curve for each line continuing upward until approximately the -2°C mark. 

Submitted by: Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, MAFRD 

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