Archived MAFRD Seasonal Reports

Crop Industry Branch staff, as well as other MAFRD staff, work each year to provides seasonal updates on what is happening in Manitoba fields and news about conditions that could affect your crops.

The various reports below are archived and available for viewing on MAFRD’s website:

The archived information will be of benefit as we try to explain what happened in 2015, how does 2015 compare to other years, and how to apply what we’ve learned to the 2016 crop year!

Submitted by: Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, MAFRD

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Manitoba Crop Report – A Look Back

Submitted by:  Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist

Although there remains an abundance of snow on the ground today (March 11th), plans are underway for the 2014 Manitoba Crop Report.

From May to October, the Manitoba Crop Report is released weekly on Monday by Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development and provides a summary of crop and weather conditions across five regions in Manitoba (Southwest, Northwest, Central, Eastern and Interlake).  The Manitoba Crop Report is a collaborative effort between the Crops Knowledge Centre and GO Teams.

The Manitoba Crop Report is comprised of two ‘reports’:

  • The Crop Report provides information on progress of seeding and crop establishment, crop development, any pest activity including weeds, insects and disease, harvest progress, crop yields and grades, fall field work progress, and status of winter cereal crop seeding and establishment.  In addition, it provides information on haying progress and estimated yields, as well as pasture conditions.
  • The Crop Weather Report is released in conjunction with the Crop Report.  It is prepared by MAFRD’s Crops Knowledge Centre AgMet Program with weather data from the Manitoba Ag-Weather Program and Environment Canada.  Weekly summaries of temperature (maximums, minimums, averages) and total rainfall along with seasonal accumulations of degree days, corn heat units and rainfall (actuals and % of normal) are provided for numerous locations in the five regions used in the Crop Report.

The Manitoba Crop Report has been a mainstay report created and distributed by the Provincial Agriculture Department.  Here is an old report sent to me by a colleague just last week:


So as we wait for spring to arrive so producers can start seeding their 2014 crop, have a look back to 1953!


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