2013 Soybean Issues that are Getting Farmers Excited!

Pictures and Information Prepared by Dennis Lange, MAFRI Farm Production Advisor – Altona

 A number of questions have arisen on various soybeans diseases and conditions seen in 2013 fields:

  1. Iron Chlorosis
  2. Sunburn
  3. Bacterial Blight
  4. Septoria Brown Spot
  5. Fusarium Root Rot
  6. Rhizoctonia Root Rot
  7. Phytophthora Root Rot                
  8. Downy Mildew

Even though there is nothing growers can do to fix these concerns in the 2013 crop, it is important to identity what is going on for future management, as  crop rotation help to control these diseases.  Please see the attached detailed explanation with pictures on what is exciting 2013 Manitoba soybean growers in their fields.

 2013 Soybeans Issues That are Getting Growers Excited


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