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Seed Manitoba is a collaboration of Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association and Farm Business Communication.

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SEED MANITOBA 2016: Protein Content Data for Souris & Neepawa MCVET Sites

Every year, the protein content of the various spring wheat, durum wheat, winter wheat and barley varieties being evaluated by MCVET is determined. The site contractor creates a composite sample of each variety and submits to BioVision Seed Labs in Winnipeg.  The protein data appears in Seed Manitoba, both in the Protein Comparisons Table (yearly site data) and the Variety Descriptions Table (long term protein content for each variety is generated by mixed model analysis).

As with any publication, there are deadlines and unfortunately in some years not all protein data meets those deadlines.  For 2015, barley, spring wheat and durum wheat protein comparison data for the Souris and Neepawa sites did not make Seed Manitoba 2016 (  However, the data is attached for those producers who are interested in those two sites. The 2015 data from those two sites will be incorporated into the long term analysis for next year’s guide.

Protein Comparisons at 2015 MCVET Neepawa & Souris Sites for Barley, Spring Wheat and Durum Wheat

Submitted by: Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, MAFRD

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SEED MANITOBA 2016: Changes in Crown Rust Resistance Ratings

The collaboration of AAFC, MCVET and Manitoba Agriculture through field surveys and additional testing has shown changes within the crown rust pathogen populations in Manitoba where virulence has developed on a number of oat varieties. Varieties that contain the Pc91 gene, including AAC Justice, CDC Morrison, HiFi, Souris and Stainless, have been redefined for crown rust resistance in Seed Manitoba 2016 ( The variety Summit, which is postulated to carry different resistance genes, is also losing its resistance to virulent races in the Eastern Prairies; therefore, it has also been redefined for crown rust resistance.

This is not the first time crown rust resistance ratings has been changed in Seed Manitoba, nor will it be the last. As the pathogen population is highly variable, it can happen quite regularly where genes are defeated and lines once resistance to crown rust can become more susceptible.

There are a number of steps used to determined if changes are occurring within the crown rust pathogen populations, and then whether changes in variety disease resistance ratings are required. Please take the time to read the attached article to learn more about how and why the crown rust resistance ratings did change in Seed Manitoba 2016.

Changes in Crown Rust Pathogen Populations Equals Changes in Disease Resistance Ratings for Oats

Submitted by: Pam de Rocquigny, Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture

With information from Dr. Jim Menzies, Phytopathologist, AAFC Morden & Dr. Jennifer Mitchell-Fetch, Oat Breeder, AAFC Brandon


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The 2016 Edition of SEED MANITOBA will be officially launched at the Manitoba Seed Growers Association’s Annual Meeting on December 10th.

Seed Manitoba 2016

SEED MANITOBA 2016, the Variety Selection and Growers Source Guide, is a collaborative effort between the Manitoba Seed Grower’s Association, the Manitoba Cooperator and Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development.  SEED MANITOBA remains one of the best sources for unbiased variety performance information with yield and quality information collected at various sites across Manitoba.

SEED MANITOBA 2016 will be available:

  • at the Manitoba Seed Growers Association’s Annual Meeting. For more details visit MSGA’s website at
  • to subscribers of the Manitoba Cooperator
  • MAFRD offices

A digital edition of SEED MANITOBA 2016 will also be available at

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Have you tried Seed Interactive??

Seed Interactive is a collaborative effort between the Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association, Farm Business Communications, and Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development and can be accessed by clicking on:

Using the information found in SEED MANITOBA 2015, along with information from past yearly issues of the SEED MANITOBA guide, Seed Interactive allows you to tailor your own output, taking into consideration your agronomic and management requirements.

  • Use the variety characteristic report to familiarize yourself with overall yield performance, variety disease resistance and general agronomic attributes.
  • Use the Yield Comparison Report to select your own check variety to compare directly to a new or commonly grown variety at locations of your choice.
  • Or use the Mulit-Year Yield Summary Report to focus on a group of varieties tested together within a specific time span at the locations of your choice.

Crop types currently on Seed Interactive include spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, oats, flax, peas, soybeans and sunflowers (oil & confectionary).

I invite you to check it out.  I have often used this tool while discussing soybean varieties with growers.  I find being able to quickly compare specific varieties to each other in one location over multiple years with this online tool is a lot easier than trying to use the hard copy.

Submitted by:  Terry Buss, Farm Production Advisor – Crops, MAFRD

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