What Concerns Are There with Seeding Canola into Sod?

Question: I’m thinking of direct seeding canola into sod. It’s treated with Helix Xtra. What about wireworm pressure and control?

Answer (submitted by John Gavloski, MAFRI Field Crop Entomologist):

Helix is a neonicotinoid insecticide, and the same active ingredient as Cruiser, but the rate is not the same, and the Helix products don’t seem to give consistent protection from wireworms, hence it is not on the label.

So if seeding canola into sod, where there would be a higher risk from wireworms, it may be more important to use whatever practices will result in quick germination and early growth. So seed into soils that are warm and moist enough for quick germination and early growth.

Wireworms are not a common problem in canola, but occasionally will damage areas of canola.

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