Update to Historical Seeding Progress in Manitoba – May 23

Another week has passed and despite May Long Weekend precipitation, seeding has resumed in some areas of Manitoba.  Once again, hopefully many producers are able to make good seeding progress while the sun shines over the next few days!

In Table 3 below, cumulative seeding progress to the end of Week 3 in May for six crop types is provided.  The last five year (2008-2012) average seeding progress is noted, along with what was seeded in the same timeframe in 2013. (In 2013, Week 3 ended on May 25th).   Please note that data is for final insured crop in the ground.

Table 3:  Historical seeding progress in Manitoba by end of Week 3 in May (3:05).

Crop Cumulative 5 yr Ave Cumulative 2013 (%)
(2008-2012) (%)
Red Spring Wheat 83 81
Barley 76 59
Oats 73 54
Argentine Canola 67 56
Grain Corn 89 98
Soybeans 68 70

In the May 20th issue of the Manitoba Crop Report, overall seeding progress overall was estimated to be approximately 20% complete. However, with seeding operations resuming for some and good weather forecasted for the next couple of days, progress should be made.  Look for the May 26th issue of the Manitoba Crop Report for an update!

Good luck to everyone with their seeding operations and keep safe!

Submitted by:  Pam de Rocquigny, MAFRD Provincial Cereal Crops Specialist


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