What stubble do Manitoba farmers prefer to seed their winter wheat into?

In Manitoba, the most common rotation is seeding winter wheat into canola stubble.  This is for a variety of reasons:  early availability of stubble, rotational considerations in managing disease, and the excellent snow trapping potential of canola stalks.  However, farmers also seed their winter wheat into various other types of stubbles, depending on availability.  How often does that happen? 

This question can be answered by using Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation’s (MASC) database.  The database contains information submitted by producers in their harvest production reports and can provide additional insight into what rotations farmers are using, the frequency of those rotations, and yield potential of various rotations.

The table below shows the frequency that winter wheat is grown on various stubbles.  As we can see, 51% of farmers reported using a winter wheat on canola rotation, followed by oat (4%) and barley (3%). We don’t recommend seeding winter wheat into wheat (spring or winter) stubble for a variety of reasons but as you can see it is a rotation used by some producers in the past. 

Table 1:  Previous crop (stubble) distribution (%) of large acreage fields (>120 acres) sown to winter wheat in Manitoba during the period 1998 to 2007).


Previous Crop


Winter Wheat

Spring Wheat






Frequency (%) of Winter Wheat Seeded









Submitted by:  Pam de Rocquigny, MAFRI Cereal Crops Specialist

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