Yellowing Corn & Corn Heat Unit (CHU) Accumulation

Last week yellowing corn was being reported in the Eastern Region of Manitoba.  It is suspected that the yellowing is more likely associated with cooler temperatures more than lack of nutrients.   The return to warmer temperatures will go a long way in allowing those yellowing corn fields to resume normal growth and to latch onto the starter fertilizer that’s been applied.

How cool has it been?  Mike Wroblewski, MAFRI Ag Meteorologist, has generated Corn Heat Unit (CHU) accumulation maps showing total accumulation and percent of normal accumulation from May 1 to June 9, 2013.  As the maps illustrate, CHU accumulation is behind compared to the 30-year normal.  However, with that being said there is no need to worry at this early stage.  There remains a lot of growing season left to come and the return to warmer temperatures definitely is a good start! 

Total CHU Accumulation – May 1st to June 9th

Percent of Normal CHU Accumulation – May 1st to June 9th

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